December 3, 2020



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lewis McLaughlin, Presi
dent 7 PM

Present: Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Keith StClair, Lewis McLaughlin

Absent: Gladine McMaster, Ron Betts and Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Cassandra and Zach Burtop, Amy Lickenfelt

Approval of November meeting minutes – Sue motioned to accept 2nd by Keith all in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Sue wanted to know if Quickbooks payroll and Quickbooks itself were the same. What is the difference and do we need them. Pat explained what the two items are and that they are needed to keep records for the Borough. Sue motioned to accept Treasurer Report, 2nd by Keith , all in favor, motion passed.

Solicitor Report: Tax Resolution for 2021 is ready to for approval, and the Act 167 Storm Water management Ordinance is still in progress. When budget is passed the Tax Resolution also gets passed listing all tax revenues for the upcoming year and the maintenance of the millage for the coming year

Jeffery also talked to the Mayor concerning the Resolution. He said he would not veto. Pat to get to Mayor to sign . Lou makes motion to pass the Resolution on budget of $93,639.80 and keep tax mils at 16. Sue 2nds motion all in favor motion passed.

Public Comment: None at this time.

Old Business:
Update on the Act 167 Storm Water Management Ordinance
Jeffery still working on it. Extended until first of New Year.

Update on missing AED and shotgun.

 Pat met with Jim Moore, President from New Florence and now has the Shot gun locked up in the evidence room of safe. The gun was rusted up but now has been cleaned and wrapped. The AED has dead batteries, and expired pads. Haven't been able to meet with BJ Brett to verify exact type needed.

Update on police car sale.

Pat gave Jeffery a copy of everything from Municibid.  69 bids came in 1880 views and highest bid came in at $6600. Originally posted at $1500.
The winner is a private individual. He is already aware that anything that has to do with police must be removed from sides of vehicle and all police equipment must be removed per the State code Title 75 Sec 4571d and title 18 section 4912.

Pat contacted Fast signs from Greensburg who installs and removes decals for police departments. He estimates will take 3 hours and cost up to $200 to $250. We can take vehicle there or they can come here as long as we have a heated garage to do this.

Jeffery suggests we go ahead and take care of the removal and not charge the buyer for this. According to Municibid the cost is placed on the buyer, however Jeffery suggested we cover the cost. Discussion was made on the subject. 
Keith motioned to accept bid at $6600 from Mr. Loveday and for Borough to pay the cost of removal of decals from car. Lou asked if Charlie is going to remove the equipment. Sue said yes and he will not charge. Sue 2nd, all in favor motion passed. Pat also stated the gun rack needs to come out of vehicle. The cage and spot light can stay.

New Business
USDA grant:
Pat distributed a flyer she received from USDA on an available grant. All applications are first considered as a loan only. If the financial need arises then they would consider a grant up to $50,000.

Sue asked Jeffery about the salt structure. Is there a max amount for not having to bid out? Jeffery said under $10,000 is not required. Lou is going to ask Fairfield Twp if any special permits are required.

Sue asked if we could use the police car money to get the salt structure.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 4th 2021 for a re-organization meeting at 6:30 PM

Gas line replacement on Lear Street. Replace 460 ft of 4" piping.
We received $1325 for permit to dig up and replace the gas line all along Lear Street.

Estimates for truck repair and inspection.
Clarks Garage $1,080.02
Nathan Howe $1,009.00
Auto Tech $1,196.67 for each side
Sue motion to accept Nathan bid 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed. Also to do inspection.

Update on tool box costs to replace lost and rusted tools.  
Tool Box Walmart $148.00 215 piece
Harbor Freight $129.99 225 piece
Lowes $135.00 215 piece All tool boxes have lifetime warranty

Keith motions to get from Harbor Freight, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.

Vise: Harbor Freight $209.99
Tractor Supply $245.99
Lowes $94.98
Sue motions to get vise from Lowes, 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.

Garage Door Thermodoor $3,177.39
Overhead Door $2,285.00
Table for 1 or 2 more estimates.

Anything else for new business.?
Ron has a letter for council. He resigns from Sewage Authority effective immediately due to medical conditions. He also will remain on Council for Borough as Street Commissioner. Jeffery recommends not to act until January on his Sewage Authority position. Greg is also up this month. Lou to ask Greg to remain on Sewage Authority. Zachary Burtop agrees to get onto Sewage Authority board.

Pat said she heard from Keith Vasas on our 2021 CDBG. He received an email from Jennifer Wooding from the County. HUD recently updated the census tract data and we now have to get income surveys from all owners along the project area of the grant. We need to have back to them by end of the month. We need 80 % of the owners to respond. We do not need to do the businesses on the project area which includes the Bowling Alley and the Church. Discussion made on how many home owners we need to get. Jeffery suggest to include a stamp self addressed envelope so they can send directly to the engineer. Also send a letter explaining why the income survey is needed.

Sewage Report

Nothing at this time. Meeting was last month. Rates the same. Authorized testing in West Bolivar and Robinson.

Mayor Report.

Pat asked Jeffery if he talked to Tom. There is a resident in town who said the Sewage Authority did not get permission from the Borough to do the testing. The resident received a letter telling them they had to fix the situation before January. Tom said the resident wanted to know who the Borough solicitor is going to be for a law suit. Jeffery cannot be the lawyer for both places. Jeffery said overall it is not a situation to be worried about in his opinion.

Street Commissioner Report.
Ron has truck using 60.15 gallons gas and putting 118 miles on vehicle. Mileage is 30,822. Zero turn o hours and o gas. We have plenty of salt and anti-ski. Skid steer would not start again this morning. It is too cold since the furnace was sold several years ago. Sue asked about a heater down there last year. Pat said Greg used his own personal heater last year. There is no plug on the skid steer to plug in at night.

Only other issue Pat had was she did send out the letters for the two properties which were burnt down.

Pat said Kathleen's property is completely down. Pat did receive a letter from the county showing the demolition of the property and tax reduction.

The other property a certified letter was sent to both owners of the property. Have the signed return slip from both parties. Nothing else has been done with building. It is up to council now what to do next. Sue motioned to give Jeffery the file on the property owner to take legal action against the owner's. Keith 2nds motion, all in favor motion carried.

Parks Report.
Parks had a meeting and was decided to not have Santa visit and the Sleigh rides to stop this time. We are still going to do the Santa mailbox. This is because of the rise of Covid cases in the local area.

Lou motion to close meeting 2nd by Keith at 8:35 PM. All in favor motion passed.


Patricia Betts