Parks & Recreation
Regular Meeting
October 18, 2017
This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Beth Thompson, Pam StClair, Ben West, Ron and Pat Betts, Sue Bartow, Cathy Bernabo, Melissa Miller

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Beth Thompson

Motion to approve Sept 25th minutes made by Ben West, Pat 2nd with corrections to Brad Lichtenfels last name. Melissa stated she cannot approve minutes if she was not appointed yet to hold a position of voting.

Beth stated the pumpkin purchase was incorrect according to Stauffer's Market receipt. Pat to correct and Beth just gave the receipt to Pat.
Motion to approved Treasurer report made by Ben West, Beth 2nd, Pat abstain.

Hayride concerns:
Melissa said she only heard positives.
Pam has a rain on the parade. The first hayride Pam saw Mark Scribe with his friends. He had an open bottle of Yingling. She did not say anything to him because she did not want to embarrass him in front of his friends. The second hayride Charles Miller came up with a beer. Pam went to Charles and let him know of the situation. She gave him a napkin to cover up.
Pam texted Amy on the situation because this had happened twice now. Sue spoke up and said because we had an issue in the past with alcohol at the parks and Amy being the President of Council she needed to know what was going on and to handle it. Pam had a photo of the hayride where Mark had a bottle of beer in his hand. Pam had stated that she did not see anyone else with a beer. Joe had watched Mark finish the beer and secretly put the bottle in the trash bin. This sort of thing truly should not be taking place around a community event and children. When we see someone with an open container of beer we need to discreetly say something to them. Beth wanted to know how Amy reacted. Pam said she was very upset. Amy tried to bring up the event when Sue and others were sitting on the front lawn at Lamantia's during the Brickfest. Sue immediately said it was private property and they were not in the Park on Borough property. Amy also brought up about Melissa's place. Sue told her it was Melissa's private property and she can have alcohol if she wishes. Pat spoke up and said we do have an Ordinance on Alcohol on Borough Property during events. Beth stated this is also PA law. Melissa said we need to watch this weekend for this, and if seen let them know discreetly and not make an issue of it.
Melissa said she has food this weekend and would like her place to be a stop. Ron is to drive truck this weekend.

Next meeting to be held Nov 15 at 7 pm.

Pat needs emergency roster with all board members for records and audit.

Home decorating contest coming up. $5.00 entry fee- flyer distribution to take place November 15th. Someone suggested to include Robinson and West Bolivar. Everyone agreed to keep it in Bolivar this year. Pam suggested to send a flyer to each one of the Churches in both West Bolivar and Robinson. We also need to suggest a prize. It was suggested to have a Christmas ornament made from Parks with the year on it. Melissa to check on price for lawn sign for 1st prize winner.

Decorate the park Dec 3 at 11 AM.

Santa mail box set up Dec 1 thru Dec 16th. Ensure all letters have child's name and address in them so Santa can answer the letters.

Melissa also suggested sleigh rides the evening of Santa visit. Beth to contact Misty Haven Carriage and check on a price. Pam and Melissa also suggested to have Christmas Carols that evening, possibly with the churches.

Pat informed everyone that she would be getting crayons and chocolate Santa's to include in a goody bag for the kids from Conrad's. 

Breakfast with Santa at Brickyard Cafe. Dec 2nd 9 to 12 noon. Melissa to come up with price's.

Taking down Holiday Decorations. Leave up until Jan 13th. Everyone meet at 9AM.

Melissa asked if New Florence still had outdoor lighting fixtures. Art and Carol did not want to purchase them.

Melissa also asked if anyone would like to do an old fashion cookie exchange on the 16th
 Everyone is supposed to think about it for next meeting.
Pam suggested for Melissa to ask Jeffery to be on the safe side. It was also suggested to drop off cookies to older people while singing carols.

Music and lighting at the park should be on a timer rather than be on all day and night.

CPR training class - Feb 10th - verify with K & K to use their basement for this, Trainer was suggested to be Tim DeMonte.

Petting Zoo - Pam did not call on this yet. Date will be May 12th. Pat suggested to hit up local businesses to cover cost. Beth suggested to put on back burner for now.

Melissa said she going to Vendor event Nov 4. Pat said she to get applications to Melissa for our Brick Fest. Fee to be charged $20 non electric and with electric $30.

Pam suggested also to have an indoor flea market, Legion has best parking spaces and room for this. This is suggested for March 24th

January - suggested Ice Sculpture with sled riding. Block several roads off on the hills.
February CPR class "Have a Heart save a Life."
March - indoor flea market at Legion or Fire Company March 24th - with Easter Bunny picture booth

April - corn hole - Legion
May - petty zoo local businesses for food and drinks and concert in evening
June - yard sale and concert
July - carnival at fire house 12-13-14-15th
August - Brick Fest & fireworks

Melissa will take January
February Beth will take. She to notify "Ein Brown" at IRMC
March - Pam
April - Ben - corn hole event
May - Pam - also do Basket Party if Legion not doing at that time.
June - Yard sale ( ? ) Beth
July - Carnival - do a float on parade night, face painting and tattoo's
Aug - Brick Fest & fireworks Beth she to talk to Star Fire Vendor on this.
Sept - Dance

Ron made a comment about Legion. Coming up to the end of year and Legion donates their money. Make a list of items we would like to do.
No other comments for discussion - Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM.

Patricia Betts