This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 7:04 PM

PresentBrittany Miller, Brittany Hughes, Ron Betts, Jessica Betts,

Absent:   Everett Saxton, Larry Lute, Mellissa Miller

Public Attendance:  none

Approval of November meeting minutes.

After review,  motion was made to approve Nov  minutes by Jess with exception to one error on 2nd page.  It reads fund day instead of fun day,  2nd by Brittany Miller, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for Nov

Pat said we did not get the final bill yet for the finish of the sidewalk.  Brittany said just send Parrish the rest.  Jessica said it is not finished.  Brittany said that is another conversation for a later date.  It is finished.  Miss communication between my husband and myself and the contractors.  Brittany's dad said he will eventually do the other section. 

Brittany asked about the gun bash proceeds.  Pat said she got a text from John Kovac stating that a replacement check will be issued on the 18th and should have by 22nd. 

Motion to approve treasurer report made by Brittany H, 2nd by Jess . All in favor motion passed.

Old Business

Update on any grants.

Wagner Foundation contacted Mellissa  with a tentative plan for upper park.  Received a call and they wanted a break down on separate items for up there for replacements.  The Wagner's would like to do the basketball court with us, but wanted us to go halves on it. 

Discussion was made on whether to asphalt or concrete the basketball court.  Lets table until January after we get the cost difference. 

E-mail came from Robert Shaw foundation . They still checking with the accounting dept. on the 501© 3 status question. 

Brittany asked if we returned the extra lights to Sam's club.  Helen Thompson contacted us and asked if we had any extra.  Pat said she returned 11 sets.  Brittany M and Brittany H.  discussed the total sets we used at the park.  They said Mellissa probably still has 1 set. 

Update on Santa visit.

Pat said we had 52 kids that day. We made $232 dollars from the sleigh rides.  Brittany said honestly it was better having it here at the Borough.

Brittany said we should do a light up night  next year and have a big Christmas tree. 

Pat said we also answered 46 Santa letters.  Each one was personal per the kids wish list. 

Update on steps beside slide. 

Tentative quote on steps beside the slide is $5,000  Brittany said we still need to go to Ligonier Endowment for their approval on the cost of the steps.

Update on 2024 events

Tabled until January meeting

I think the comedy night is off.  Need to check with Mellissa. 

Sponsorship letters for 2024

 Brittany H has completed both letters and forwarded to Brittany M.  It needs to go on Parks Letterhead. 

Parks Sunshine notice for 2024

After review by board motion was made by Jess, 2nd by Brittany H to accept.  All in favor motion passed.

Any other business to discuss?

No other business, motion to close made by Jessica, 2nd by Brittany H at 7:40 PM


Patricia Betts