October 4



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson, Jeffery Miller- Solicitor, Mayor Tom Pickup

Absent:  Council President Aaron Bouch

Gen Public :- Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft, Melissa Miller, Amy Lichtenfelt, Officer Salley, and Officer Chilcote, Ron Betts, JR

Meeting called to order 7PM by Beth Thompson

Approval of September Minutes was presented. Motion was made to approve September minutes by Clark, 2nd by Ron.  All agree, motion carried.

Treasurer Report. Clark question the port-a-john bill and wanted to know if the bill was paid monthly and if the cost on the report was for 1 month or two. Pat explained the bill, when it gets paid and who pays the bill. It was also mentioned that for the month of October, Parks will be picking up the tab for the upper park due to activities during the month. After review of report motion made to approve Treasurer Report by Sue 2nd by Clark. All agree, motion carried.

Police Report for September was given by Officer Salley.
Total Incidents 3
Total Arrests 0
Total Accidents 0
Total Parking Tickets 0
Total Non-Traffic Citations 0
Total Traffic Citations 0
Total Written Warnings 3
Total Traffic Stops 4
St Clair TWP. 0
Seward Boro 0
Fire Dept 0
Ligonier TWP 0

Ligonier Boro 0
Sheriff Dept. 0
Total Assists 0
Beginning 15368 Ending 15590 Total 222
Fuel 30.3 gallons Hours 56
It was stated that a motion is not needed to accept the police report when we have no bill to present. 

Sue requested an executive session at 7:05 PM.  It was stated that an executive session was not needed for the question in concern.
Meeting called back to order at 7:15 PM after certain council persons came out of office.

Solicitor Report: Jeffery stated he will bring up his matters of concern as they arise in the agenda.

Computer Issues: was presented by Ron Betts JR.
Mr. Betts presented an invoice for the repairs made on the computer. His determination of the computer problem was caused by multiple power failures from the last storm the town experienced. He attempted multiple recovery fixes that failed. He was able to recover the user data and reinstalled windows and all necessary programs. The current computer system is working fine. Complaints of the system being slow during multi-tasking. The system has 4 gigs of maximum 8 gigs supported installed ram. No available upgrade slots remaining. All ram would need replaced. Dual Core CPU is installed. A new CPU is cost prohibitive to current technology. Current system is not upgradable. Recommend computer replacement for task efficiency. He advises getting a battery backup system for proper shut down during power failure to avoid future crashes. A battery backup current cost is $93.04
The requested external hard drive is not needed as the internal drive is more than adequate for needed files and files are currently being backed up redundantly across multiple flash drives.
Mr. Betts total cost for repairs is $75.00 
Mr. Betts also presented to council a list of equipment to build a new computer system that is also upgradable for the future. Total cost for a new buildable computer is $516.99 that also includes a battery backup with the above price. After council discussion motion was made by Clark to pay Mr. Betts $75.00 for the repairs done on the computer, and Beth 2nds. All in favor motion passes. Motion was also made by Clark and Sue 2nds to pay for the new computer system that can be built by Mr. Betts. All in favor, motion passes. Sue asked Mr. Betts if there would be an additional cost for him to build the system. Mr. Betts stated he would not charge anything additional.

Public Comment:
Amy commented that she thought Arch Dodson met with flood plain people when she was on council. Jeffery said the county did an updated map within the past 6 or 7 years. The updates were done at the county level.

Beth asked for other public comment. No others. 

Update on boat dock grant. Pat stated a bid package is supposed to be in the process. As soon as that gets completed we will be notified. Jeffery wanted to mention an additional item on the fence. He suggested an additional gate to get across the river. Pat stated this was discussed during the last session with the engineer. A gate was mentioned where the old grist mill used to be. It was also suggested to place a walking bridge across the river for fishing. This was being added.

Update on Gas Company for street repairs
Jeffery stated he received his signature card back from the gas company on his letter he sent out. They have not gotten back to him yet. Everyone received a copy of the letter that was sent to gas company.

Update on the storage garage. Pat presented to council an email from USDA Keith Lehman on our additional funding. Mr. Lehman listed our existing funds of $36,000 grant and $12,500 loan. The annual payment of $2,736 for the loan portion. He also listed the additional grant of $14,000 and an additional loan of $33,400. The annual payment if $4,068 would be that cost totaling $6,804 for a loan payment yearly. Based on the past several years annual audit and the existing income and expenses and prediction of next year's income and expenses, USDA did not feel Bolivar could pay for the loans without raising taxes to compensate. Mr. Lehman stated that even with a 15 yr 4% loan with USDA we could not afford the loan payment. Discussion was made and was decided to just take the additional $14,000 in grant funds and go to a local bank to fund the project. USDA is basing the cost of the project from the past bid's that was brought in before the law suit. If we do as small borrowing and loan is under $50,000 we must pay off within a 5 year period. Council decided to move forward with the project. Outside funding will be looked into. Sue motions to continue the funding process, Beth 2nds. All in favor motion carries.

Update on street opening Ordinance. Jeffery stated the Ordinance was presented last month and has been advertised and proof of publication has been received back. Action can be taken on the Ordinance this evening. Beth made motion to accept street opening Ordinance, Clark 2nd, All in favor, motion passed. Beth signed off, Mayor signed off and Secretary signed off to pass the Ordinance effective October 4, 2018.

Update on Per Capita Ordinance. Jeffery prepared the update for the proposed Ordinance. If everyone agrees then the Ordinance may be advertised. It must be placed in paper 1 day a week for 3 weeks. Jeffery discussed this goes along with the budget process. Also a lot of confusion has been brought to his attention with this Ordinance. There are two entities involved. The school district and the Borough. The maximum amount that can be charged against the citizens is $10.00. Jeffery stated we must share with the school district if they charge and we charge. Jeffery also stated that in the event the school district stops collecting the per capita then the Borough can charge the full $10.00 per person. So if we keep the per capita at $10. then we can impose the full amount if need be. Jeffery advises that once we pass this Ordinance then we should notify them with a copy of the Ordinance so they can stop the collection or agree to equal share of the tax. Jeffery will prepare the newspaper article and send to Pat for putting into paper. Sue motions to keep the per capita tax at $5.00, Clark 2nds. Ron opposes. Motion carries.

Update on CDBG grant. Pat stated the documents were sent out Saturday morning with return receipt. We also included 4th and Shaffer and the issue on Lear Street. Drains also to be worked on at 4th & Walnut, by Boones on Washington, and also on Shaffer Street.

Update on Dirt and Gravel Grant. Pat stated the areas to be on this grant is the alley way by Don Penrose having 3 drains put in there, drainage fix on the alleyway, and tie drains into the existing one on 8th & Washington. Three (3) additional drains by Boones and fixing the run off of the water into the river below, and also adding drains at the coal mine extension on Walnut street, tying into the drain currently there, and adding a drain at 4th and McKinley Street to stop the erosion from the mines.

Update on Comcast renewal contract: Pat received a call from Cheryl McCabe, Comcast. She stated under current federal franchise regulations the service only covers cable and video service, it does not cover the security or internet service. They will not give us free internet service because of this. Jeffery disagrees and will speak to Ms McCabe. Jeffery said they provided the service with Ligonier and he will contact them.

Police Contract Renewal. Pat distributed the new contract already signed by New Florence. She was also told that until the contract is signed the police will not be down here to patrol. Sue brought up the concern about a Police Committee. Pat stated she has not had anyone approach her on the subject. Discussion was made on several items of concern. It was recommended that Sue go to New Florence next meeting and discuss with New Florence Council and Mayor any concerns she has with the contract. New Florence meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. Sue asked about a one month extension. It was explained that if New Florence does not accept an extension offer then we would not have police coverage. Jeffery says that both parties, New Florence and Bolivar do not understand each other and the way the contract is to work. Both parties need to get together and share their concerns so everyone understands. Beth motion's to approve the Police contract dated 28 September. Ron 2nds, Clark and Sue oppose. Tie breaker falls on the Mayor. Mayor in favor of police. Motion passes. Contract was signed by Beth and Mayor. Pat to get contract back to New Florence for coverage to continue.

New Business. Next meeting November 1, 2018 - 7 PM.

Audit results from Firemen's Relief Association of Bolivar for 2015-2017 period. Everyone received a copy of the report for review only.

Reminder 2019 budget workshop scheduled for Saturday Oct 6, 10AM

Sue questioned the Verizon mini towers. Jeffery said to send an e-mail to him with the information on this so he can follow up on it.

Sewage Report: Sue spoke up and said still debating on whether to buy a camera and trying to get people to pay their sewage bills. Also working on a grant for the road to the plant.

Mayor Report: Tom has nothing to report.

Street Commissioner Report.
23.7 gallons gas used in zero turn

7.5 gallons - trip to Ebensburg
31.3 gallons in Borough truck
1 gallon push mower. for a total of 62.6 gallons of gas for the month
Greg has been trimming sidewalks and curbs.
Nash and Michael are working out quite well.
Received and extra bill from Hercules Truck Equipment for repairs for the plow. With welding and replacement of the hook ups :Labor $250.00
Receiver driver side and receive kit for driver side $348.16
Total cost is $598.16
Sue motions to pay and retro- active the cost for the additional repairs, Beth 2nds. All in favor motion carried.

Parks & Recreation Report:
Beth discussed the upcoming events for Oct. Hayrides, pumpkin carving, movie night, and horse hayrides. Discussion was also brought up on possible canceling of upcoming hayride for Oct 6th. Weather permitted, extra insurance coverage, and hay bales are a concern for this weekend.
No other business at this time.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Clark, 2nd by Beth. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM


Patricia Betts