May 2, 2019


​​​​​​​Meeting Minutes

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Clark Baird President at 7 PM

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lewis McLaughlin
Absent- Mayor Tom Pickup, Calin Gropp
Public Attendance – Amy Lickenfelt, Alex Ashcroft - Ligonier Echo, Dan Short, JR, Melissa Miller, John Kovac, Pat Shank, Aaron and Michelle Bouch, Beth Thompson, Cathy Bernabo

Approval of April 4 regular meeting minutes. After review, Ron motioned to approve, seconded by Lou. All in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report. Clark asked question about the $150 summer program funds. Pat explained about the summer program in the park and the Boro asked each community to donate $150 toward the food and supplies and the Borough pays the $1000. Sue motions to approve the treasurer report Clark 2nd, all in favor motion carried.

Public Comment: Wanda Clawson said she doesn't think we should have alcohol at the park during Brickfest. It is a place for children and not alcohol. Clark said that was all voted upon last month. Sue asked Jeffery about the Ordinance, Lou asked just what the issue is with alcohol in the park. Mrs. Lichtenfels spoke up and said believe me from working with the public the park is no place for alcohol. She had to card people for 17 years for cigarettes. Is there going to be enough people to check id's to make sure everyone is of legal age. It was heard from several people that it was going to be a disaster and people would be getting drunk. Sue again asked Jeffery about the Ordinance where it stated that the alcohol should not be dispensed by anyone other than those members of the group or organization requesting the permit. The Borough may provide conditions upon which alcohol beverages shall be dispensed or consumed if a grant is permitted. Sue asked since the Parks is requesting the permit should it not be just the parks people dispensing or purchasing the alcohol? Sue said if she is not a parks members then she should not be allowed to purchase the alcohol.  Jeffery stated he does not interpret the Ordinance as such. Pat said she got re certified as a seller server through RAMP to be able to dispense the beer at the Brickfest.

Aaron said he was under the impression the beer tent was going to be a separate tent roped off, everyone entering will be carded, and wear a special wrist bracelet to get in. If that is still the case then he doesn't see where the problem is. I don't believe there is a big problem in this town, and he doesn't see why this is being brought up again when all the possible issues have been gone over and resolved. Sue also asked about the insurance for the event. She asked Jeffery if he had gone over the policy, and Jeffery said he did not look at the policy. Pat said it was sent to him before council approved the beer tent. Jeffery wanted Pat to send him a copy of the policy again.

Cathy Bernabo asked what the difference is, people park their vehicles around the park and sit there and drink during the events. Jeffery seems to say the difference he thinks is because this is Bolivar and not one of the organization who have kids and alcohol both together.

Beth spoke up and said since council approved us to have the permit to sell at least we are doing it legally. People are going to drink whether we do it legally or not. This way we can control it. If we see someone is drinking too much we stop it. It is a simple as that.

Clark said he made the motion to accept it and he is not going to rescind it. The case is closed.
Clark had suggested to send Jeffery a personal letter as well as e-mail on issues just to cover all the bases.

John just wanted to get an update on the sewage and rain water issue behind his house. John said there is raw sewage coming out of the drain when it rains. John explained where the lines come from. Jeffery asked about his property and how he is sure the issue is not coming from his place. John said his system drain from a different direction and when he bought his house he had it dye tested and found no leaks. Discussion was made on where the man hole cover is from, whether it is from the rain water or the sewage plant. Lou and Art Sisitki both walked the area to find the man holes in the area.

Pam StClair was also walking around the area with them. Lou said the outlet is in the dyke. They need to pull the cover off to see just where it goes. Clark said the sewage company should be involved in this also since John insists there is sewage coming out also. 

Ron said on May 22, the conservation district is coming to look at the dykes to find the problem, and also Fairfield TWP is coming since the dykes are in their area.

Amy wanted to know when burn day is. She noticed burning going on behind the Quonset hut. Ron spoke up and said it was started yesterday and was still burning today. There was a lot of brush burning. Lou then asked about clean up day. Pat said it was June 29. Beth, said May 18 is clean up day at the park and cleaning between the arches. May 19 is a concert at the park.

Next item. Solicitor report. Jeffery has nothing at this time. Will go over anything that may come up in meeting.

Update on storage garage. Pat gave Clark the necessary documents from USDA to sign. Keith said the funding has come in. Keith went over the documents with me and all the documents were forwarded to the appropriate people. Clark signed the request for obligation of funds, the bank loan documents, and letter of intent to meet the conditions. Pat has already sent the liability insurance on Borough and the declaration page showing town coverage. Pat also went over what is next to come with the garage. Pat said after we get all the documents back to Keith he will forward to Harrisburg so they can approve and release funds.  Also when all documents are met and Jeffery does what is asked of him for the project then we will be able to advertise for bids when we get informed by USDA it is ok. Everyone was in agreement.

Update on Comcast renewal contract. Jeffery said he has not heard anything back on this yet.

Update on dirt and gravel grant. Pat said she asked Mr. Crounour in this. He said they were getting ready to release the funds and when they do we will be able to advertise and inspect during and after the project completion.

Police car update. Clark asked Jeffery if he heard anything. Jeffery said they are considering their options.

Update on drain problem behind Kovac and StClair's. Lou said we just went over that and will be checking into the drains again. He will meet with John so he can show him where the other issues were.

New Business:

Resolution to amend the right to know law request. Discussion was made on a request from West Easton Borough wanting us to prepare a Resolution in support of a change to the Right to Know Law for PSAB for changing. Lou and Sue wanted to know if we got a lot. Jeffery said just take the sample they sent and change what needs to be changed with our Borough's information and send to them. Jeffery said we do not have to advertise for this just have to vote on it. He suggested Pat can do the Resolution and it would not have to involve his services. Clark motions to do right to know Resolution, Ron 2nds, Sue opposes, Lou agrees, motion passed.

Up next. Pat requests to transfer $10,000 from general fund to payroll to cover for next few months. Pat explained in January we only transferred $10,000 instead of the $29,000. She had 4th qtr 2018 and 1st qtr 2019 taxes to pay plus regular payroll so funds are down and will not have enough until next month meeting. Sue motion to transfer $10,000 to payroll, Clark 2nds, all in favor, motion passed.

Next. 2nd and McKinley Street issue at Lichtenfels. We did get the fire truck up there to try to flush and still could not open. The drain is in the CDBG grant request and sue wants to wait for the CDBG grant first before anything is to be done. Jeffery said the current CDBG cycle usually is in June. He said we aren't going to get any this year since we haven't heard anything yet. Sue said we should talk to Terry Antonocci as soon as possible. Lou wanted to know what the update is on the sewage company getting their camera. Ron and Sue both said they haven't gotten it yet.

Next Lear Street issue. John said the main hole and sewage drain is causing damage to the cars going over it. Ron and Jeffery said this has been going on for quite awhile. Each time you speak to someone at District 12 one person says we need a HOP permit and someone else at District 12 says we don't need and HOP permit. Lou said he would look into it with some people he knows from working with PennDot. The other issue is the gas company is supposed to put a gas line down Lear street, across the property next to the bridge and then across the bridge.

Next- John Speidel and Pat Shank water issue. Ron said John approached him and asked if the town could put curbing along the road again. Water is coming into his yard and Pat's yard. Ron said Greg is just starting to fix the pot holes and will instruct him to do their also.

Next. Amusement machine permit at Laurel Point Outfitters. They have not sent in their permit fees yet. Aaron explained their machine now has a computer screen, and a big video screen. It is not coin operated. Then if it is not coin operated an amusement permit is not needed.

Next Peoples Gas - street opening permit issue. Pat and Ron have both called and send them a letter along with a copy of the bill. It was stated they need to send the additional $1290 to cover the size of the opening. We were told a check was forth coming, that was back first part of April. They requested a permit in March. It was also stated until we get the full amount for the permit we would not allow them to dig. Council decided to send the check back along with a letter of denial for lack of payment for permit.

Next item. Robert McColly, forestland services, was supposed to be here for cutting at stump farm. Ron showed both Forest Land Services and Babyak Forestry Services the stump farm. Both were supposed to send us a proposal for cutting. We only got the one proposal. Mr. McColly said he would be here and didn't make it. It was decided to hold off until next month meeting to see if we can an estimate form Babyak Forestry also.

No other business;
Sewage Report, -- None at this time. Meeting next week.

Mayor Report- None was given.

Street Commissioner Report. Ron said 219 miles on truck this past month. 36.1 gallons of gas used.
1.9 gallon in zero turn.  We purchased 294 gallons in February. Down to 125 gallons so we need to order more. Used 169 gallons since then.
Greg needs new tamper for the streets and needs a belt for the mower. Sue said since that is equipment you don't need prior approval since it was equipment. Sue motions to call Accent fuels to get gas, Lou 2nd motion all in favor motion passed to call.

Sue had questions about the ceiling in the office. Greg was putting ceiling tile in office but she never saw the cost. In 2015 Arch made a motion to be able to spend up to $1000 for equipment without rest of council approval. Arch, Art, Dan Short Jr, Ron, Amy were all on council.  Boone doesn't recall totally. It could be for miscellaneous or just equipment.

Clark turned meeting over to Sue, He left for work.

John asked about whose Ordinance he should follow if he has property in both the Borough and Township. Jeffery said where the property is located is where the Ordinance would take effect.

Parks & Rec- Pat said flyers went out covering the events for the year, Melissa has sent out sponsorship letters, and the "Tiny Ram" program in the month of June will be holding classes twice a week and every 2-5 year old attending will receive a book each time. They are looking at both the Legion and the Borough office to do this project.

Sue asked is any other business for Borough to discuss? Sue made motion to close meeting, 2nd by Lou. All approved, motion carried.

Meeting closed 8:10 PM
Patricia Betts