This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting opened by Lou McLaughlin, President at 7 pm.


Ron Betts, Keith St Clair, Sue Bartow, Lou McLaughlin, Jeffery Miller, Clark Baird- Mayor, Gladine McMaster

Absent: none

Gen Public, Scott Sanders, Scott Belford, Heather Hinson, Gwen Kovac

Old Business:

Approval of May minutes

 Motion made by Ron to accept minutes, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed with no nays.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Lou asked about the street cleaning.  Was the price different.  Pat said the original quote was for 8 hours and they were actually here for 12.5 hours.  This is why the cost went up. 

Motion to approve made by Keith  2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed with no nays.

Public Comment.

Heather here to represent Legion.  Requests to shut down 3rd Street from Market to Washington and he alley between 3rd and 2nd Street on July 1 for Watermelon Crawl and also on August 19th and 20th for Family picnic and cash bash. 

Sue motion to approve request 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed no nays.

Scott Sanders, nothing at this time.

Scott Belford, nothing at this time. 

Solicitor Report:  Jeffery stated he has nothing to report. 

Sue asked about the insurance question.  Jeffery said everyone received e-mail from the insurance carrier.  Sue said the insurance question was on wine and now they want a beer tent.  Sue said Mr. Bernabo said they wanted a beer tent.

Lou said there was no discussion about a beer tent and Mr. Bernabo is not on council. 

Jeffery said that what Mr. Flick received from the insurance carrier EMC there is no problem.   If council approves  the insurance carrier is only requesting a Certificate of Liability naming the Borough on the policy from wine tasting vendors. 

Pat said she sent FWF a copy of the vendors we currently have along with their signed Release of Indemnity forms.    

Update on finding another solicitor for Bolivar.

Lou said we interviewed 4 people for the position and they pretty much were about the same price range. 

Pat said 2 were from Indiana County and 2 from Westmoreland County. 

1. Michael Supinka from Supinka & Supkina, Indiana

2. Michael Smith - public defender from Blairsville

3. Eric Bononi from Bonini & Company- Greensburg

4. Alexander Brown, from Meyer & Darrugh in Greensburg

Discussion was made on the applicants.  Everyone pretty much wanted mileage.  Most looking to ask for $100 to $125 per hour except for Supinka & Supinka that is asking $200 per hour. 

After further discussion of each person interviewed the final decision is to offer the position to Michael Smith- the public defender from Blairsville,  Gladine motions to approve Mr. Smith, 2nd by Keith.  Ron yes, Lou yes, Sue Abstains. Motion passed to offer at the rate of $90 per hour. 

Jeffery recommends not to write the others until we get a confirmation of acceptance from Mr. Smith.

Lou suggested to contact Mr. Smith now for confirmation.  If Mr. Smith turns down the offer then we can meet again next Thursday and make another decision. 

Update on Curry & Kepple finishing 5th Street project. 

Lou said they have until June 17th to complete phase one.  He to call again and remind them it is coming up fast.   Lou said, a lesson learned.  The homeowner signed a paper saying they could dump dirt on his property.  That section is not due for completion until August according to the county extension.  That is in phase two. 

Lou said by the way we are going to change the order.  We are putting in asphalt wedge curving in so we can put a full overlay of asphalt on the entire section of the road.

Update on small trailer for Boro worker. 

Pat gave everyone a copy of a trailer that is  2 1/2 x 4.8  Lowes has $599.00 Tractor Supply has $799.99

Also a trailer that is 5 x 8  Lowes has on sale for $998.00 was $ 1,148.00 Tractor Supply $ 1,199.99

Sue mentioned they also carry a 4 x 6 trailer for $998.00

Discussion was made on the 5 x 8 trailer.  Keith asked the question whether the zero turn would fit on the trailer.  Ron said it would fit.  Lou mentioned we have the money we got from selling the skid steer. 

Ron said what Paul is requesting the trailer for is to put the weed eater, gas, lawn mower and so forth. 

We should get a trailer large enough to also carry the zero turn. 

Gladine motions to buy the trailer with the wooden floor for $998.00 no 2nd. Motion fails.

Gladine revised the motion to buy the trailer with the steel mesh, 2nd by Keith,  all in favor motion passed. by all. 

Gladine said  she has had several people tell her how well they like the way Paul is doing on the streets.  She wants Ron to tell Paul about this. 

Keith also wanted to bring up the push mower.  He personally said he would not let the worker use it.  He would like for the next meeting prices for a new mower.  Keith said it is a death trap.  It is truly junk.  The whole thing is shot including the deck.  Let's look for 3 prices for one. 

Lou said we have the zero turn up at Pristow's getting fixed.  They gave us an estimate of $2,359.70 to fix.  We are currently using Myers Miller's until ours is fixed. 

Need a retro motion to get the zero turn fixed up to $2500, 2nd by Keith all in favor, motion passed.

Lou said we got Paul a back pack blower for Paul.  He tried it on and said it was too heavy. He would like to see if we could take that one back and get possibly a smaller one that isn't so heavy. 

Lou said when they go for cold patch they will see if Pristow's will take it back and exchange since it was not used yet.

No other old business

New Business:

Bolivar Yard Sale Days

 To be held June 17th from 9 AM to 1 PM.  No streets are shut down for this event.

Bolivar Clean Up Day

June 24th 9 AM to 3 PM. 

Pat has a signup sheet for council to sign up for different times. 

Prices same as last year.  Pat to post on post office bulletin board. 

Permission to use old walkie-talkies for Brickfest

Pat asked council for permission for parks to use the old police walkie talkies for Brickfest.  No one ever bought them on Municibid.  They are just sitting back in the safe.  They do not go through the police channels.  Keith said as far as he is concerned we are not putting any money into them then go ahead a use them.  Gladine & Lou both said ok.  Sue did not say anything.  Lou said no money involved so we do not have to vote on it.

Ordering 1 large dumpster for cleanup day. 

Pat asking if we want to order 1 large dumpster or 2.  Pat said she needs to get that ordered.  Gladine said people continue to bring things down after the closure of the event.  Keith motions to get 1 up to $600, Sue 2nd, all in favor motion passed. 

Any other new or old business?

None to report

Mayor report:

He put a notice on an individual's door about his high grass.  It was cut the next day. 

Sewage Report

Pat said everyone has a copy of the report.  Sue asked for the information for an attorney from Westmoreland County and Indiana County Bar Associations.   The sewage authority put an ad in 3 papers and ran for a week and spent almost $3,000 and as of today we got only 1 resume.  These are people who are new on the board and wanted it put in the paper.  She would like the information for the next meeting

Street Commissioner Report

Put 211 miles on the truck. Put 57.7 gallons diesel in truck. Mileage is 1912.  Zero turn no hours no gas since it is down. 

Parks & Rec

Pat said we had our concert.  Did quite well. thanked the community for their support.  We have a concert coming up on June 11 and closing down the street from 4th to 5th on Lincoln St. 

No other business to discuss.

Motion made to adjourn meeting at 7:50 PM by Sue, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.


Patricia Betts