July 23, 2020




This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Melissa Miller, Aaron Bouch, Michelle Bouch

Absent: Beth Thompson

General public - Pam StClair

Meeting called to order 7:00 PM by Aaron.

Motion to approve June minutes Motion made by Ron, 2nd by Michelle. All in favor, motion passed.

Motion made to approve June treasurer report. Motion made by Michelle 2nd by Ron. All in favor motion passed.

Old Business:

Brickfest Aug 8th update - Pat said everyone is scheduled and confirmed. Agenda is complete. Dunking booth is set up from 12 to 3 PM. Jeffery 12 – to 1 PM, 1 to 2 PM Clark 2 to 3 PM Tom Wynkoop from Seward Fox’s Pizza. They are challenging for anyone to dunk 3 times in row will give $25. Gift certificate to foxes pizza Seward, and they will also match $1 per $1 from 2 to 3 PM all people trying to dunk him.

We have several high priced items that will put in for $1. Per chance. Baskets are coming in for basket give away. Still looking for donations for giveaway.

Pat reviewed all locations that have given baskets. Flyers are being passed out to businesses for donations and Ron and I will be taking around to all town residents the agenda, and request for donations. Also contacted Wayne Gehring to confirm him to play music all day.

The dunking booth, Aaron to check if we have it.
During dunking booth everyone will wear gloves, and will spray with cleaner after each use. Aaron email from Brian. If come back with 30 pack” bud light” for payment that would be fine. Pam said she could handle that for him.
Eric Colt is completing the plaques for brick toss. Will pick up plates this weekend.

The corn hole tournament needs to be confirmed as to who will be in charge of registering. Melissa asked Aaron if he got hold of Rubin to do the corn hole.

Vendors, Pat said she just had 3 more contact her for application. Kettle corn person is supposed to bring the corn already made up. Awaiting his paperwork as a vendor. Also person from New Florence is doing Stromboli, funnel cakes and cookies. Awaiting her paperwork also.

Food Items and pricing. Hot dogs- $2.00 (200), Haluski - $4.00 (3 roasters) , Hot Sausage- $5.00, Nachos & Cheese- $3.00 (100) bags, Drinks- $1.00 Floats- $3.00 (orange and root beer) Chips- $1.00

Melissa said a vendor contacted her and requesting her money back. She afraid to come now because of covid. Pat said she signed contract that says payment is non- refundable once the application is accepted. Since we did not cancel the event we should not refund. If we decide to refund we should inform her this is a onetime deal because of the covid situation. Melissa to contact her and let her know.

Will make separate tent for drinks and chips next to concession stand. Ice cream cups from Walmart and small soda cans for floats. Also have coffee and muffins or donuts (pre-packaged) for vendors in the morning. Crockpot of chili, and sauerkraut.

Set up Friday night 6 PM Melissa will have her kids help and Pat said she is recruiting her family to help out. Melissa also said that Myers and Brittney want to start coming to meetings and helping out.

The dragon man for the kids will be $5.00 all day wrist bands. Also make social distance for crowds.

New Business.

Next meeting will be held August 20, at 7 PM

Pat also said that Beth is going to resign because of her health and not be able to help out much. Discussion was made if and when Beth resigns then Aaron said he will go on checking account to replace Beth. Nothing will take place until we receive an official resignation from Beth.

Melissa motions to have Aaron put on checking account, Ron 2nds. All in favor motion passed.

Motion to adjourn 8 PM made by Aaron, second by Ron.

Patricia Betts