Re-Organization Meeting

January 3, 2017

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Mayor Tom Pickup.

Absent- Mark Scribe Council Person

Meeting called to order 6:30 PM for re-organization. Motion was made by Sue to keep all positions the same at last year. Ron 2nd all approved motion passed.

Re-organization meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.

2017 Positions are as follows:

Amy Lickenfelt - President

Ron Betts - Vice President

Clark Baird - Council Person

Sue Bartow - Council Person

Mark Scribe - Council Person

Tom Pickup - Mayor

Jeff Miller - Solicitor

Patricia Betts - Secretary / Treasurer

Sewage Committee Bolivar Representatives: Ron Betts

Greg Hughes

Tom Pickup

Bank: S & T Bank - authorized signers - Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Patricia Betts

Auditor - Tim Rennie, CPA

Insurance Company - FWF Insurance

EMC/EMS B.J. Brett

Tax Collector: Wanda Clawson Backup. Patricia Betts

Engineer - left open

Vacancy Board - left open

Assistant- Street Commissioner - Charlie Boring

Street Commissioner - left open

Everyone needed to complete new Ethic forms, verify their key numbers, and phone and address updates for 2017 year.

Auditor fees were addressed. Mr. Rennie proposed $3500 to $3800. To do audit. If less time and work he will decrease the amount.


Regular Meeting

Regular meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

Public Attendance - Joe Robinson and Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft

December 1 Regular Meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was done by Clark, 2nd by Ron. All approved.

Need to add a 2nd executive meeting on Dec 8th. Discuss possible legation issue on Storage Garage.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Pat explained to council about the -$11.95 showing on the Liquid Fuels account. She explained the bank charged a maintenance fee on account because of the balance going below $2500.00. The bank did reverse the charge but not until Jan 3. The bank also stated a permanent waiver of any maintenance fee was placed on the liquid fuels account. Motion to approve Treasurer Report was Sue, Clark 2nd motion. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeff will address all the issues as we go along.

Public comment: Joe Robinson, stated he has water in his basement when it rains. Joe thinks it is a possible drain collapse from the large trucks running over the roads from the railroad. He wanted to know if anyone contacted them on this problem. Ron asked how long this has been going on. Joe said he had no problem until June 2015 and then it started to flood when the drain covers were blown off from a very large storm. Amy said she also has been having a problem since then. No one knows if the fire dept ever flushed out the lines in that part of the town. (Water Street lines). Discussion was made what lines were done and came to the conclusion that no one knows but will check with Fire Company on this.

Jeff addressed the garage issue. Everyone received a copy of the letter sent to MJ Construction on the garage.

2nd thing to discuss is the property liens, filing and fees needed to file.

3rd thing was the stop sign removal of the one way street. Need to have a traffic engineer study done to have the change of ordinance completed. It will cost approx $2500.00 for the study. Jeff said, look at it practically. If you take the signs down without the engineer study he doesn't think anyone will say anything and nothing would happened, but if an accident happened and found no traffic study was done then we would have repercussions on the issue. Ron said he would talk to the Legion on possible paying for a traffic study to be done.

Next item, Sue brought up the letter Jeff sent to MJ Construction did not have a time frame in it. What is to prevent them from not starting early enough in the season to complete the job? If MJ doesn't accept the letter would we still have time to rebid and get the job completed this year? Jeff said if they do not come to an agreement then we would be able to rebid the contract.

Sue also wanted to know about the General Bond issue. Did Jeff file it yet?

Amy wanted to know about the EIP program next. Tom said he had a meeting with Mr. Dougherty for approx 3 hours. He thought Mr. Dougherty would be here this evening. They did toss around some ideas but hasn't gotten back to him yet.

Next, any upcoming grants. Sue said she has a couple in the works but was waiting to see what was coming about with the garage, first.

Amy asked what was found out about the CD renewals. Pat said the one CD ok to keep as is. Has good return rate. The other CD was recommended to change to a better rate. Everyone agreed to change to a 10 month quick rate. Pat to notify Bank. Sue made motion to change the one CD # 1, 2nd by Ron. All approved.

Update on Police Officer. Tom said New Florence wants to meet with us again. He does have a resume here that was sent to us in the mail. Tom said he will do a background check on the applicant and go from there. The applicant lives in Hollidaysburg. Tom said it looks like he just graduated from school. The ad did say they needed all certifications and experience. The resume said he just completed school but does have certifications. Tom said we still don't have the experience to run a police department. Jeff said we need to consider seriously that we do not have the experience to run a police department and if New Florence or St Clair Township want to maintain this it would be better since they have active departments and know how to run and handle a police department. He to check with surrounding areas to view contract of services and see what the Borough wants and needs. Clark asked if Jeff contacted St Clair Township to review their contract. Jeff said he did not.

Tom said Mr. Dougherty is looking into different ways to raise funds to help support a regional police service.

Next meeting will be held February 2, 2017 at 7 PM

Gregori Construction has removed their equipment until April. They are unable to do any more work because of the cold weather.

2017 Quickbooks and payroll subscription was updated. We have changed the subscription and are now saving and additional $336.84 per year by combining the payroll service with the quickbooks service contract.

Comcast franchise renewal is coming up and they would like to negotiate for a new contract. Possible suggestion is to ask for fiber optics throughout the town rather than using the current resisters from the old cable TV system. Also a mini tower in town for cell phone service. Jeffery wanted Pat to email the Comcast contract we currently have to see what can be done. Amy said to put on agenda again for next month.

Roof leaking - Pat found the contract on when the roof was replaced. She said we have a 35 year warranty with the Amish who replaced the roof. Amy also wanted to know when the roof gutters were cleaned out. Pat wasn't sure but we have 3 new spots on the walls. Jeff wanted to know if Ron cleaned them or not. Pat said Boro worker said he doesn't have a ladder and had asked for one several months ago. Jeff said he can borrow his if need be.

Sue said Charles tried to contact Ron to clean drains and had no luck. He ended up cleaning the drains himself. Amy said she would try to contact Ron and find out.

Payroll wage funds for 2017 is $17,400. Pat needs to transfer $12,000 to cover payroll funds for the year. Asking for approval to do this. Sue motions to transfer the funds. Clark 2nds. All approved.

The remaining funds from General Account, Pat is also asking what to do with it. Jeff suggested to leave the remainder funds in the general fund account. Sue also agreed as well as Amy.

Letters. Amy passed around a pamphlet if anyone is interested. Also a survey from Gas Company on pipeline. Amy gave to Pat to complete.

Mayor Report -- Tom said police car needs inspected. Sue to get police car key and have Boro worker take to get done. Election board sent paperwork for council seats coming available this year. Pat to find out what is coming up. She thought we only had the Mayor and Tax Collector seats. Amy seems to think we have 3 Council seats also.

Sewage committee update. Ron said sewage committee meets this upcoming Wednesday.

Tom said he may have a problem with attending the sewage meetings because of his classes in the evenings.

Street commissioners Report. Do not have one. Sue said Charlie tried to contact Ron on the storm drains. He ended up doing the drains himself since he could not get a hold of Boro worker.

Pat asked if council still wanted her to advertise for street commissioner and code enforcement officer. Council said keep both on the web for another month since it does not cost anything.

Parks & Rec. No one here to report anything.

Clark asked if we heard anything from the fire department on the driver records. Pat said insurance company has not. Pat wanted to know who the new contact person is. Amy said Brian Cochran is the contact person.

Motion to adjourn was made by Ron, Clark 2nd.

8:05 PM. Meeting adjourned.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts

Secretary/Treasurer ‚Äč