AUGUST 2 2018



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson, Jeffery Miller- Solicitor, Mayor Tom Pickup, Council President Aaron Bouch

Absent – no one

Gen Public - Dan Short Jr, Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft, Melissa Miller, Amy & Lori Lichtenfelt, Officer Salley, and Officer Chilcote, Michael Foreman, George Dougherty

Meeting called to order 7PM by Aaron Bouch

Approval of July minutes was presented. Motion was made to approve July minutes made by Clark, 2nd by Beth with correction of spelling of Kathie Bernabo. All agree, motion carried.
Treasurer Report- Clark questioned the batteries purchased from Staples. It was explained the batteries were used for the remote recorder and clocks. Clark also commented on the bill from McInchock for clean up days. Pat stated we also got a bill last year. Motion to approve made by Sue 2nd by Clark. All agree motion carried.

Police Report for July was given by Officer Salley.
Total Incidents 5
Total Arrests 1
Total Accidents 1
Total Parking Tickets 0
Total Non-Traffic Citations 0
Total Traffic Citations 0
Total Written Warnings 5
Total Traffic Stops 4
St Clair TWP. 0
Seward Boro 0
Fire Dept 0
Ligonier TWP 0
Ligonier Boro 0

Sheriff Dept. 0
Total Assists 0
Beginning 14702 Ending 15038 Total 336
Fuel 30.7 gallons Hours 56.5

Clark questioned about the high grass at 748 Lincoln Street. It was stated that as of August 6th, the Boro Worker can go back on the property and cut the grass. A letter was sent out to property owner after the police tagged the property. Clark wanted to know why we could not go back on crimes code and call it disorderly conduct? Officer Salley stated he has never done it that way. He is relying on the Magistrate’s office to do their job. Jeffery stated our Nuisance Ordinance does the exact same thing. As far as the truck on McKinley street. There is no plate and no VIN# on the vehicle. A vehicle has to be a nuisance for us to be able to do something about it on private property. If it is catching mosquitos or animals then it poses a safety issue to the public.

Sue questioned the Hollick residence on Washington Street. Pat stated Wells Fargo owns the property. She will give information again to Officer to investigate further.

Solicitor Report: Jeffery stated none at this time.

Special Business: Michael Forman and George Dougherty - Early Intervention Program.

Michael has turned the meeting over to George for final report on the program. After speaking earlier today with Pat, the residents and town are actually doing some of the things that were talked about earlier in the EIP program. Some of the things that were a concern for Bolivar was:

1. Police Service. Not only did that happen but it seems to be working very well.

2. Community Development - Improving real estate, and community relations. (List of events for community, movies, concerts, community awareness events, summer program for kids, boat launch project.)

3. Code Enforcement - DCED program grant money – with the housing alliance to help Bolivar with fixing up properties. Bolivar is an (opt out) community for enforcing code enforcement.

If Bolivar were to (Opt in) with code enforcement then you would have several different options.:

(a). Partner with another municipality that has a Code Enforcement Officer.
(b). Find an individual contractor who will do the repair work – several different ones within Westmoreland County
©. Building Inspector’s Underwriters - Borough would have to join the COG for $220.00 per year. – Complaint – Based Code Enforcement; Level of service- Short term systematic enforcement ; have the Code officer once a year drive around to see who needs to come into compliance – Continuous systematic code enforcement - once a month have code officer check to see progress and who needs to be followed up on. Borough would have a low interest loan through a grant fund to have property owners fix up their properties. Pa Housing Alliance has a blight technical assistance program to help on this matter.

Jeffery to prepare Resolution for Sept. meeting to continue moving forward on this program. EIP program to pay for 90% and Borough pay 10%. $36,000 can be used so we would pay $3,600.00. After discussion with council, let George know if there is anything you need him to do just let him know.
When Resolution is completed provide a copy to Michael.

Public Comment: John Kovac, requesting 2 block party permits.

1. August 19th block off Washington to Market on 3rd street and alley way between 3rd and 2nd street for Legion event.
2. Sept 8 – same areas for the Legion cash bash event.

Also on August 19thth the Fireman’s picnic is taking place and they are asking for road closure on 3rd street between Market and Shaffer. Motion to approve street closure made by Sue and 2nd by Beth, Ron Abstains. Motion carried.

Kevin Muir – 409 4th Street road issue. Road is being torn up pretty bad now that other families have moved in
. He stated the first year he moved in the road was in fairly good shape. When winter came he gets part of the road plowed into his yard. The road dead ends at the park now because of the road being closed on Water Street.  He requesting the pot holes to be fixed.
Jeffery stated we need to be sure whether it is on the Liquid Fuels map so we could use the funds from there to fix up, otherwise it needs to come out of General Fund. The road is currently a dirt and gravel road. Greg went down and filled the pot holes in temporarily. It was decided to plow in the winter down to the alley only. Council will also look into funding to get the road repaired.

Comment: Pam St Clair wants to thank council for getting Gas House repair work completed.

Update on boat dock grant. Pat stated Mr. Crounaur had the engineers down at the docks again. Have been told once the engineers have completed their part then we can start the project hopefully before winter.

Update on Gas Company for street repairs. Ron said as far as he knows the gas company is finished. There is still a problem on 3rd street and also on 4th street at Walnut.

Clark mentioned we need to have our street Ordinance updated before they come back out to tear up more streets. Jeffery said he will also come up to look at the street to see what other problems are there and send another letter. He to meet with Ron on Saturday afternoon. Ron explained that when the gas company came in with their big trucks they broke the asphalt, the street sweeper swept the asphalt away and left the bricks exposed from below our driveway to the alley to McKinley St. Ron did get an estimate from Pro-one paving to fix the remainder of the street. The gas company also left a lip on the street at the alley on 4th street. His car drags across the road and he cannot use the alleyway any longer.

National Night out Documents: A flyer was distributed to all council members. Also one put at the Post office and posted at the Borough window. Hopefully people will turn porch lights on and walk around.

Update on garage: Pat received documents from USDA to complete and sign and get back to Keith, USDA. All documents were signed except for the Resolution which needs amount corrected to reflect $50,000 because of the new grant request for additional funds of $49,433. Jeffery will correct and email to Pat for signing.

Update on Highridge Water Authority requirement. Had 3 telephone bids, Mike Darr, Beaufort Services both from Ligonier, gave written estimates and 1 would not give a written bid, McCann Plumbing in Blairsville. Everyone agreed over the phone to go with Beaufort Services in Ligonier for $650.00 Project was completed. Motion made by Clark to pay Beaufort Services, Aaron 2nd. All approved. Motion carried.

New Business. Next meeting September 6, 2018 - 7 PM.

Fairfield Twp. check valve issue by Deemer's. Ron called Fairfield and spoke to Mr. Altimus. another person working on it and haven't heard back from them yet.

Sewage Report: none at this time.

Mayor Report: There is work in progress for fundraising, Seward, St Clair Twp, New Florence for fundraiser for police department. Possible happening around February. West Wheatfield is possible also.

Street Commissioner Report: Michael and Greg have been working on the roads fixing the potholes. Used 35 gallons gas in truck, 16 gallons in zero turn, and 25 gallons diesel in skidsteer. Also when the pump was replaced it was approved for $500 When the bill came in it was for $827.76. The cost of labor and mileage was not figured into the original amount. Sue motion to pay Bolger Brother for the total cost, Aaron 2nd. Ron abstained, approved.
Hedge trimmers bit the dust. Need a new pair. Need a gas trimmer because of Greg's hand. Sue motions to purchase for $300, Clark 2nd. All in favor. Motion passed.
Still have a drain on 4th street that needs to be camera to see where the problem is. Fire Dept tried to blow out
the drain and cannot do. Ron called Deans' Drain Service in Latrobe but hasn't called back yet. No action was taken at this time.
Snow plow mount. Ron had to call in the Hercules Trucking to order parts at a cost of approx $800 plus. If we do not receive this part we will not have a snow plow this winter. Sue motions to pay for part up to $1000, Beth 2nd. All in favor. Motion carried. Funds may be used from Liquid Fuels because of the truck usage for the streets.
Brakes on the truck is causing problems. Need to get that checked out. Have Greg take to Lear's and check for power booster problem.

Street Ordinance to reflect a full pavement of the overlay regardless of the type of road opening. Jeffery to update the Ordinance.

Parks & Rec. Beth said we just completed a Corn Hole event, and the Brickfest is coming up Aug 11. Beth, Tom, and Clark are in the dunking booth. Yinzer magazine was also notified to put in their paper.

Pat brought up driving records for Council members to be able to drive the borough vehicles. Beth is the only person who is not on policy. Pat updated, Ron's Clarks, and Charlie's, and Sue was added.

No other business at this time.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Clark, 2nd by Beth. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM


Patricia Betts