Aug 4 2022

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM


 Keith St.Clair, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller, Clark Baird, Mayor

Absent: Gladine McMaster

Public - Cassie & Zach Burtop, Sheri Burtop, Everett Saxton, Sean Isgan - Apex, Ed Evans from Curry and Kepple, Melissa Miller

Approval of Minutes from July 7th, 2022.

After review motion to approve made by Keith, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion carried.

Treasurer Report

After review motion to approve made by Sue, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion approved.

Bid Openings for 5th street project & GP-4 Permit application

Jeffery opened each of the bids and reviewed for completeness.

1. Curry & Kepple

 Base bid- plastic $422,675.30 Alt 1- Concrete piping $355,475.30 Ins/yes, Bid Bond / yes

2. CHD Enterprises

Base bid-plastic $361,700.70 no Alternate Ins /yes, Bid Bond/yes

3. Ligonier Construction

Base bid -plastic $385,500   no Alternate INS/ yes   Bid Bond/ yes

Lou motions to approve Curry & Kepple at the amount of $355,475.30 pending the approval of the engineer & county, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed.

Sean said we need to invoice two separate phases for the county.  Lou asked about the piping at the dyke.  The GP-4 Permit is to go through the dyke, according to Sean.  5th & Washington question, Lou states there is nothing at 5th street to tie into.  Sean agreed, it will tie in with phase 3.

Now GP-4 Permit application.  This document needs signing to submit to DEP for permission to cut into the dyke. 

Lou said you know the first part of the project needs to be done before February 2023. 

Pat also gave Lou and council a breakdown of another invoice from APEX for $7,766.80. Pat said she ask APEX to give us an explanation of the charges since the past several invoices came in with the same information except for the amounts.

Lou asked about the reimbursement (other) for $966.00.  Sean said he would get back to us, he is not sure what that fee is. 

Keith asked if the $966. is something that we already spent?  Pat said this is a part of what she is questioning because the past several invoices came in with the same information just different fees. 

Sue suggested to APEX that in the future we would like a better explanation of what we are paying for.

Sue motions to pay the invoice of $7,766.80, 2nd by Lou, all in favor, motion passed.

Start of the project expected to start before October. 

Sean mentioned we have phase 3 coming up with the 2023 CDBG grant by Sept 30th. 

Pat said when you get done with the 3 bids that we need them back.  Lou said to make sure you have a start date for the project. 

Solicitor report. Nothing

Public comment.

Everett was interested in the certificate of liability for the fireworks that was shot off at the end of the carnival.

Jeffery said the law changed that the Municipality no longer has to approve to shoot fireworks.  However, we need to approve since they are being set off on our property. 

Lou asked Zach, Cassie, and Sheri if they had any comments. They all said no.

Old business:

Update on the 2020 CDBG - 1st and Lincoln Street inlet.

Lou said Ed tried to contact the company making the storm inlet.  Nothing yet.  Was told within 4 weeks, so it should be here. 

Update on water damage claim for office. 

Pat said restoration has been here the past couple days.  They took the carpeting and floor boards and discovered there was a plank floor under that and had mold on it.  They then had to treat that.  Also was told they were having issues with getting carpeting so they redid the costs and now we are getting flooring instead with no additional cost to the Borough.  I was told they got the approval from the insurance for additional costs to fix.  Now it is costing $18,000 plus instead of the $5500 originally.  They also will be doing more downstairs since mold is building up again because of the wetness of the plank flooring.  They also have a lock box on the door so they can come and go as needed.    Lou asked if anyone has any additional questions at this time.  No one did.

Update on High Grass issues- Mayor

Clark said 757 & 759, The Santo's family called and wanted Clark to come look and see if everything is ok now.

Clark also said the Quonset hut owners on Lincoln Street has never responded to his phone calls.  Pat said that is the same company that took over Shirey's old home.  We had to threaten them with law suit before they would do anything. 

Clark asked what council would like for him to do know. 

Sue asked if he sent them a letter yet.  If they don't comply then the Boro worker would have to go in and take care of it.  Val Krause, said she did do some of the back.  It is still a swamp back there and only time she can cut it is when the ground is dried up.  Sue says what happens is the snakes end up at Lokies because of the high grass.

Anything else on old business.

Sue asked about the American Rescue Plan funds.  Can we use this for engineer fees also on 5th street? 

Sue said, Sean commented that we have another $21,000 more for the 5th Street project, and we have another $5,000 coming up. 

Jeffery said we have a very broad amount of items to use the funds for.

Lou said the grant is $357,000 and if you take 15% of that for engineer fees we are close to that amount also.

Lou said he met with Keith and he said he could have the 2023 CDBG phase ready if we make him the engineer at our Sept meeting.  Pat said we also do have a new contract from Keith for his new company. 

Pat said she got an email back from the county stating we will not have to do another income survey for the 2023 CDBG, however when the 2024 CDBG comes out then we will need to do another survey. 

Lou asked Jeffery opinion if we changed back to Keith.  Jeffery said he has the experience and comes to the meetings and answers all our questions and knows what needs to be done. 

Lou asked if Jeffery can see any legal ramifications if we switched.  Jeffery's concern is if we switch to Keith would we have any legal issues. 

If Keith can do the work without ramifications and council wished to go with him, then he is ok with it also.  Jeffery suggested to look over the new contract and then make a decision at the Sept 1 meeting. 

Lou said to contact APEX and tell them not to do anything with phase 3 because we are in financial stress at this time. 

Next phase of Westmoreland Broadband coverage - field inventory.

Pat said everyone got a copy of what they are going to be doing within the next several weeks.  People will be going door to door to see how everyone has for an up speed and down speed with internet service so they know where broadband is needed. 

Sue said she got paperwork to give to Bob Stull for another company to take over his tower. 

Sept 12- tax claim bureau has 4 Bolivar properties listed for tax sale- we do not have any liens against them at this time. 

Pat said we have a list of 4 properties going up for tax lien sale.  700 Lincoln, 112 Lear, 765 Lincoln and 749 Lincoln up for tax sale.

Pastor Paul Link, is applying again for tax exemption for the upper portion of the church on Market Street on Thursday Aug 11. Does council want to appeal this again or let it go? 

Pat said we appealed it before.  He wanted the entire place exempt, and the county said we could exempt the church portion but not on the rent portion.  Council agreed for Jeffery to attend the hearing.

Sue motions for Jeffery to defend the tax on Market street property, Lou 2nd, all in favor motion carried. 

Reimbursement to boro worker for metal plate to fix skid steer bucket.

Pat said it cost $12.51 for Zach to get the metal from Harbor Freight, and he also went to Dale Oxygen to get the flux to weld the metal onto the bucket.  $25.00 to cover it all. Zach was paid today for his portion.  This is just to let council know what was spent.

Any other business:   Lou has a question?  Did the borough ever buy a vacuum for the truck?  We got floor mats that can be washed.  Jeffery said he has several and we can have one. 

Mayor Report.  He had a dog complaint he had to handle.   The dog that barks all the time by my place.  Sue above your house. Mary, with the bush that blocks the view of people coming up the street.  Sue said she will take care of it. 

Diane Gropp wants to know if the Borough will approve a handi-cap sign in front of her house.  It would make it easier for her to get her son in and out of the van.   Clark says it gets busy at her house.  He also talked to Cathy Bernabo and Art Sisitki and they did not care.  Sue asked how the church got their sign, Pat said the church bought theirs.  If Diane buys the sign we can get a pole and put into ground for her.

Sewage Report:   None at this time. Next month is meeting.

Street Commissioner Report  

Worker been cleaning out catch basins, got both park mowed, cleaning up Quonset hut area. 

The garage door started working again.  Hole was patched at Archie's, the water company came back down and re-patched since another hole appeared.

Parks & Rec-  

We got the funds in for the 2nd grant for the playground equipment, and with the fund raising we have been doing we can order the equipment.  We are now working on the money for the rubber mulch.  We have the Brickfest coming up and still looking for volunteers to help out at several areas. 

Clark said he was too large to get into the dunking booth this year. 

We are working on 2 other grants for the lower playground equipment.  When they do come in the funds come in under the Borough's name and then we have to transfer the funds to the parks and Rec.  The checks are specific by stating they are for the parks. 

No other business.  Motion to adjourn made by Keith, 2nd by Sue at 8:30 PM.


Patricia Betts