Ordinance # 003

Setting millage for

1923 at 10 mills

and 5 for sinking fund


Levying the tax and fixing the millage thereof, for the fiscal year, beginning January first 1923, in the Borough of Bolivar, Pennsylvania.

Bet it ordained and enacted by the Borough of Bolivar, Pennsylvania, in Council assembled, and it is hereby ordained and enacted, by Authority of the same, for the purpose of providing revenue for said Borough, for the fiscal year beginning the first day of January AD 1923, a tax of (15) fifteen mills shall be and is hereby levied upon each and every dollar of the assessed valuation , of all property in said Borough, taxable for County purposes to be apportioned and applied as follows:

a. For General Borough purposes (10) ten mills

b. For Sinking Fund requirements (5) five mills.

Ordained and enacted in Council assembled this fifth (5) day of February AD 1923.

C.W. Hammond

President of Council


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

Approved this fifth (5) day of February AD 1923

J. E Snyder

Chief Burgess


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

Original on file in ordinance book page 8