Regional Sewage

Feasibility Study

Adoption of Preliminary Sewerage Study Report

Whereas, The members of the Bolivar Borough Council have authorized the preparation of a Regional Sewage Feasibility Study in cooperation with the Borough of Bolivar and Fairfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and West Wheatfield Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and

Whereas, The Council Members of Bolivar have reviewed the Preliminary Sewerage Study Report prepared by EADS, 1126 Eight Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania, and

Now, Therefore be it Resolved that the Council Members of Bolivar do hereby adopt the Preliminary Sewerage Study Report as the Official Sewer Plan for Tri - Community Water and Sewer Authority with jurisdiction over Bolivar Borough and the Villages of West Bolivar and Robinson.

Dated 9/11/1978

J. Conrad Gamble

Date President of Council


Florine Bella


Original on file in Borough Vault