July 21 2022
​​​​​​​Parks Agenda


 Open Regular Meeting

Approve May  meeting Minutes

Approve Treasurer Report for May  & June

Old Business:

        1.  update on craft vendors

2.   Trophy's ordered for car show

3.  playground equipment contract signed and ordered?

New Business:

1.   awards for bricktoss ?

2.  awards for balloon run ?

3. prizes for corn hole tournament ?

        4.  Dunking booth ordered and confirmed ?

        5.  Car Show street closure barrels and tape ?

        6.  Street closure Friday night 9 pm until 9 pm Saturday night

        7.  food ? and drink for brickfest

        8.  Sign up list

        9.  Final times for events

        10.  Set up time on Friday for benches and tents and tables and marking out                  vendor areas

        11.  trash pickup during brick fest.

        12.  in need of very large coolers for soda and water  (possible purchase from               Sams' club)

        13. in need of tables possible purchase from (Sams's club.) 

        14.  in need of several more tents (possible purchase from (Sam's club)

        15.  Movie night Sept 17 – movie selection suggestion

        16.  Sept 11 concert – food to serve

        17. any other business